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Gibson recreates classic Montrose guitar

Montrose STP guitar

Gibson is honoring iconic rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose with its Collector's Choice #28 "STP 'Burst" replica of Ronnie's fabled 1958 Les Paul, which will be limited to a production run of no more than 300 guitars. Every element of this 1958 Les Paul was precisely studied to ensure an almost exact reproduction of the instrument Montrose wielded on the two albums that changed the landscape of rock guitar.

After passing from Montrose’s hands the original guitar went to Peter Weihe of Hamburg, Germany, whose studio work with this exemplary Les Paul has been heard more than 20,000,000 times. Now, through the direct and intimate cooperation of Peter Weihe, the Ronnie Montrose Estate, and the guitar’s current owner (an anonymous German collector), Gibson Custom brings to life this coveted ’58 Les Paul in all its current glory. A USB with exclusive video introduced by Mrs. Montrose that chronicles the guitar’s time with Ronnie Montrose will accompany each guitar, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, Ronnie Montrose commemorative picks and pick tin.

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